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Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, discusses tech companies and human trafficking with Mary Mazzio. – Tucker Carlson Tonight

Marie Claire published an article on Mary Mazzio’s new PSA, featuring Amy Schumer, Seth Meyers, and many others, on the urgency to clarify Section 230 by passing SESTA.

I AM JANE DOE Director Mary Mazzio wrote an op-ed in The Hill asking co-sponsors of FOSTA to listen to the voices of the survivor community and withdraw their support for the new bill. Politico included the op-ed in their morning roundup.

“How do we protect vulnerable people in a technological age? This is the fundamental question behind ‘I am Jane Doe,’ a documentary film by Mary Mazzio, that explores the trafficking and sexual enslavement of children and teens, specifically enabled by online advertisements… “I Am Jane Doe” also excels as a legal thriller, a nail-biter which follows the quest of several desperate parents of formerly trafficked girls who enlist the aid of local, under-prepared attorneys to help them find justice… Spoiler Alert: If you were a fan of jurist Richard Posner before this film, you probably won’t be afterward… – Ellen McGirt, Fortune

“Honestly, this is historic” – Nitasha Tiku, WIRED

“The resistance to the legislation by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., is coming from various web giants — Google among them” – Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times

“I hope Google is not working at cross purposes with the survivors who are desperately seeking redress,” says Mary Mazzio, a filmmaker who has been active in the effort to hold websites more accountable for trafficking on their pages. – Natasha Tiku, WIRED

“If this comes out of House Judiciary and it passes, this is likely the end of this whole exercise,” Mazzio said in an interview, saying the survivor community feels “betrayed.” – Ashley Gold, POLITICO

“This new amendment is harmful to the rights of victims,” said Mazzio, a lawyer and director of the film “I Am Jane Doe.” She added, “In the words of one Jane Doe attorney: ‘This current amendment is worse than no bill at all for survivors.’ ” – Tom Jackman, The Washington Post

Survivor and advocate Rebecca Bender wrote an op-ed in the Register Guard mentioning I AM JANE DOE that calls on Oregon citizens to stand with survivors and ask Senator Ron Wyden to support SESTA.

The Real featured Mary Mazzio’s new PSA on the urgency to clarify and update Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Covenant House President Kevin Ryan wrote an article in HuffPost on the rally and briefing on the Hill on 1/11 and the urgent need to pass SESTA.


“The real heroes are the Jane Does who are courageously pursuing this, and who motivate us. It’s not just happening in the Philippines. It’s happening here, in every strata.” – Tad Friend,  The New Yorker

“Too often documentaries that take on the darkest topics are demoralizing at best and exploitative at worst. Without skirting the issue, the Jessica Chastain-narrated I AM JANE DOE (now playing in select cities) upends the familiar narrative surrounding child sex trafficking to become a gripping legal thriller.” – Esquire Magazine

““Federal judges were interpreting a law to basically say it’s legal to host advertisements for children? This is the United States of America! What the F?” – Julia Felsenthal, Vogue Magazine

“You can pretend to go along with this fallacy that this [Backpage] is a passive website with people posting content on their own,” Mazzio said. “[But] what the data does is it completely upends that fallacy.” – Anna Schecter, investigative report on NBC Nightly News

“It’s tough getting a consensus on anything these days, but child sex abuse and human trafficking are generally considered indefensible crimes. So who’s defending them? According to “I Am Jane Doe,” that would be Google. And Microsoft. And Facebook. And Yahoo…    ‘I Am Jane Doe’ may be the rare social-issue documentary that has an effect on a social issue.” – John Anderson, The Washington Post

NBC Nightly News anchor Kate Snow reports on I AM JANE DOE on NBC Nightly News.

“Sold for Sex: Underage Trafficking Victim Shares how She was Saved from Abuse in New Documentary.” – People Magazine Series with Part 1: People Magazine,  Part 2:  People Magazine, and Part 3:  People Magazine

“In “I Am Jane Doe,” filmmaker Mary Mazzio reveals the sordid world of underage sex trafficking, specifically as it pertains to young women who were forced into prostitution, their ‘services’ made available on the online classified site…I am observing the self-evident fact that film has exceptional — maybe even unique — power to shape and inform our norms, expectations and desires. That might be the chief reason it matters so much who makes them.” – Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

“For me, the biggest tragedy is that for seven years there has been all this debate about free speech and First Amendment rights. And the basic fact that these are children who are being raped and sold on a public website somehow got pushed to the background. What happened to the rights of my child?” asks Nacole, fury in her voice. “What if this was your daughter?” – Annie Kelly, The Guardian

I Am Jane Doe opens in theaters next month and shines a light on Backpage as “the Walmart of human trafficking.” – Nicholas Kristof,  The New York Times

“This is about as far from passive as you can get. This is soliciting. This is, really, trickery . . . So I hope this opens the floodgates of liability for Backpage. Nobody deserves it more.” – Tom Jackman and Jonathan O’Connell, The Washington Post

“There are two outrages at the investigative heart of I Am Jane Doe: the horrifying truth that a market in child sex trafficking is thriving, and the persistence of a legal loophole that protects the websites where children are sold…a clear eyed and pressing work of advocacy journalism…” – Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

It (SESTA) was set in motion by an affecting documentary, “I am Jane Doe”, which chronicles the legal battles waged by sex-trafficking victims against – The Economist

“especially impressive – a powerful piece of work”  – Ben Dickinson, Elle Magazine

“NO ORIGIN STORY of the internet would be complete without mentioning one of its legal pillars: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a 21-year-old law that shields tech companies from liability for content posted by users…” – Nitasha Tiku, WIRED

“I am Jane Doe takes the viewer on a dizzying journey…” – Sebastien Malo,  Reuters

I AM JANE DOE featured in the February issue of WHAT TO WATCH section of Cosmo Magazine

“a viscerally emotional case for a common-sense reassessment of the law…’I Am Jane Doe’ offers a gut-wrenching reminder that there are certain rocks we ignore at our peril.” – Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

“…a very sobering story…” – BBC News Radio Interview with Writer/Director Mary Mazzio

“This striking, powerful and up-to-the-minute documentary about sex trafficking on the website Backpage enlists a deep bench of heavy-hitting politicos, journalists, victims and advocates to make its moral message.” – Chris Barsanti, The Film Journal

“Recently discovered documents that seem to show that a contractor for the highly criticized classifieds website solicited and created sex-related ads on behalf of the site go against often repeated claims by Backpage that it’s never had a role in creating or developing third-party content on its site.” – Associated Press

“Thanks to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, the courts repeatedly allowed Backpage to shirk responsibility and slither back into a dank corner of online commerce where children are hawked like meat.  This is the most startling revelation of Mary Mazzio’s “I Am Jane Doe…” – Amy Biancolli, Albany Times Union

“Seattle plays an uncomfortably large role in “I Am Jane Doe,” a powerful new documentary about the prostitution of underage children…The writer-director, Mary Mazzio, demonstrates a profound empathy with her subjects…” – John Hartl,  The Seattle Times

“…not merely an emotionally impactful film or a statement about a world-wide epidemic, but a door through which all manner of people—regardless of their religious, political, ethnic or sexual orientation—can walk through with her every step of the way. And they come out of the experience standing side by side. If you think I am over-stating it, ask Claire McCaskill and John McCain.” – Tom Lowery, HuffPost

“I I think the level of involvement [by Backpage] is so much more than we ever believed it to be,” said Gina A. DeBoni, one of Ambrose’s lawyers. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig…” – Tom Jackman and Jonathan O’ConnellThe Washington Post

Nacole, JS, and Mary Mazzio featured on The Dr. Oz Show: The Hidden Public Health Crisis You Need to Know About

Senator Rob Portman and Senator Claire McCaskill featured on Morning Joe discussing the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 and spotlighting I AM JANE DOE. 

Senator Rob Portman featured on MSNBC highlighting the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 and spotlighting I AM JANE DOE. 

“Portman has been passionate about combating child sex trafficking, including hosting showings around Ohio of the documentary film ‘I Am Jane Doe,’ about the suspected role of Backpage in the problem.” – Tom Jackman of The Washington Post reports on the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017

“Let’s be clear. We cannot stand for the idea that the sale of children is acceptable collateral damage for a free and open internet. Especially since companies now have the technological means to stop it.” – Op-Ed by Mary Mazzio and Dr. Oz in the Houston Chronicle

Who Magazine features I AM JANE DOE and J.S.’s story

I AM JANE DOE featured in “The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu in May” – Slate

I AM JANE DOE featured in Film Pulse’s Top Movies of 2017 So Far 

CBSMorning reports on the on-going controversy of Backpage and the upcoming release of I AM JANE DOE

Newsweek reports on the shuttering of Backpage and the release of I AM JANE DOE.

“…a riveting documentary…Our work is not over. ” – Op-Ed by Senator Rob Portman in the Toledo Blade

“‘Doe’ becomes a portrait of American avarice, the corruption of the First Amendment and a cautionary tale to parents.” – Tom Meek, WBUR

Senator Rob Portman talks with Kate Snow on MSNBC about the Senate Backpage investigation, human trafficking and I AM JANE DOE.

Cindy McCain speaks with Soledad O’Brien on Matter of Fact about I AM JANE DOE and director Mary Mazzio is featured further discussing the issues of the film during a web extra.

Soledad O’Brien hosts a Facebook Live discussion with famed lawyer David Boies and I AM JANE DOE director Mary Mazzio.

“Director Mary Mazzio combines the riveting story of those legal battles along with moving testimonies from sex trafficking survivors…  I Am Jane Doe serves as an equally powerful, enraging and poignant exposé of underage sex trafficking, a human rights issue that’s right under our noses here in America…   a vital wake-up call that should be mandatory viewing for every high school student.” – Avi Offer, The NYC Movie Guru

“A former corporate attorney, Mazzio marvels at the creative lawyering she’s seen. ‘Backpage has remarkably shifted the focus from child sex trafficking to ‘This is a violation of our First Amendment rights,’ she says. ‘Congress has to act. Someone has to make it crystal clear that Section 230 was not written to permit the sale of children.’” – Janelle Nanos,  The Boston Globe Magazine

“…it is important and, because it’s well made and thorough, it is very, very effective. GRADE: A+.” – Sheldon Wiebe, Eclipse Magazine

“…a powerful documentary saga…” – Daphne Howland, The Village Voice

The Citizen recommends I AM JANE DOE… a complicated, heartwrenching and necessary story about young girls sucked into the world of sex trafficking… the movie is difficult to watch; infuriating and agonizing, it shows an underside of American culture that does not deliver easy solutions.” – Roxanne Patel Shepalavy, The Philadelphia Citizen

“We are ALL Jane Doe.” – Tom Lowery, The Huffington Post

“Mary Mazzio’s documentary ‘I Am Jane Doe’ is a whirlwind primer on the case of Backpage, a classified ads website with a serious problem… a powerful call to action to protect children over profit.” – Katie Walsh, The Los Angeles Times

“…an important subject, lucidly presented.” – Peter Rainer,  Christian Science Monitor

Interview with Mary Mazzio and Carol Robles-Roman on The Leonard Lopate Show

“This wrenching film is going to leave you fighting mad.” – Betsy Bozdech,  Common Sense  

“What happens is shocking…” – Meghna Chakrabarti, Radio Boston

Director Mary Mazzio discusses the terrifying scope of child sex trafficking with Women and Hollywood.

Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen features Nacole, JS, and Mary Mazzio in Special Investigation on sex-trafficking in the U.S.

I am Jane Doe takes on child sex-trafficking, Backpage…” – Fox News LA

“…don’t miss this important film.”  – Sister Rose Pacatte, The National Catholic Reporter

“…hard-hitting…” – Tirdad Derakhshani, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Press Play with Madeleine Brand  with Mary Mazzio and Emma Llanso of the CDT.

Femi Oke and Al Jazeera interview Kubiiki Pride, Mary Mazzio and others to discuss the issue of online child sex trafficking in The Stream.’s ability to carry on operating as usual is “a collective failing of all of us.” – Rohan Smith,

“In the case of I Am Jane Doe, its research is its strongest asset. The statistics and experts that are used to provide credibility to Mazzio’s documentary are precise, clear and shocking…riveting…” – Georgianna Presecky, The Hot Pink Pen

These women and men are my heroes. This film was the final motivation I needed to join the fight myself.” – “5 Documentaries to Watch to Educate Yourself About Human Trafficking,” – Elena Baxter, Who They Are

“When Citizen asked FACESS (Freeing American Children from Exploitation and Sexual Slavery)—a faith-based nonprofit in California that runs a rehabilitation center for rescuees—how many of the girls on its campus had been sold through Backpage, the answer was simple.  Every single one.” – Karla Dial, Citizen Magazine

“‘I Am Jane Doe’ is Mazzio’s ninth film and latest punch in her effort to tackle serious social problems. Mazzio admittedly hates to fight, but affirms, ‘If you’re coming at me, I’m coming at you…and I’m bringing all my friends, too.’” – Hillary von Schroeter,  Wellesley Townsman

Mary Mazzio featured in the BostonVoyager as part of the Inspiring Stories series

NECN reports on I AM JANE DOE.

“Chilling documentary reveals stories of child sex slave trafficking”New York Post

“Mazzio’s ‘Jane Doe’ Shines a Light on Child Sex Trafficking” – Stephen Schaefer Boston Herald

“a wonderful new documentary…it is a film all women need to see…” – Perri Peltz, The Perri Peltz Show

Senator Rob Portman issues this press release prior to the launch of I AM JANE DOE

Senator Claire McCaskill issues this press release about I AM JANE DOE

“We believe the law is on our side, but the law is written to be manipulated by whoever can weaponise it most successfully…I am Jane Doe is a frustrating look at the state of the law, and how it’s letting an unfathomably high amount of kids down when it comes to sex trafficking laws.” – Scott AAWilson, LetterBoxD

The Filtered Excellence – What to Watch

“In the midst of the courtroom dramas, the film stays true to the heart of the story —  the trafficking victims and their families.” – Zoey Maraist, Catholic Herald

The DailyMail UK reports on Kubiiki Pride and the release of I AM JANE DOE

Mary Mazzio speaks with Hannah Scott, KIRO Radio Desk Editor, and is featured on

“Ohio Senator Featured in New Documentary” published in Columbus Business Journals

Hollywood on the Potomac covers the Washington D.C. premiere of I AM JANE DOE, hosted by Senator and Cindy McCain, The McCain Institute and Baker & McKenzie

“Gritty film is boosting sex traffic awareness” – Thomson Reuters Foundation News

I am Jane Doe reveals Backpage’s crimes against children” – The Salem-News

Morocco World News comments on I AM JANE DOE and whether website operators should bear responsibility for online harm

The Sagaponack News covers I AM JANE DOE

Kubiiki Pride tells the Arizona Republic, “I am going to keep on going until I find a real change in this.”

I AM JANE DOE featured on ABC 15 Arizona and on NBC4 News

I AM JANE DOE featured on WGBH News with Jim Braude

Senator Rob Portman highlights I AM JANE DOE at University of Toledo screening event

“This is a gut wrenchingly sad and frustrating story, yet I was awe inspired by the victim’s strength and perseverance” –Al Hobbs,  Drydenwire.

“Mary Mazzio Takes a Stand: A Conversation about Advocacy, Authenticity, and Brand Storytelling” – Rachel Haberman, Skyword

“Mary Mazzio, the writer and director of “I am Jane Doe,” a documentary about the legal battle mothers of sex trafficking victims fought against, wrote in an op-ed last month that the latest version of FOSTA benefits the tech community. Mazzio called on the bill’s 173 co-sponsors to withdraw their support.” – Washington Examiner

“Once you have knowledge of Backpage’s involvement, and you read the Senate report, can you accept any donations from the principals of Backpage in good conscience?” – Walter Robinson, Arizona Republic 

“The film explores one major obstacle to fighting human trafficking — the mythical and self-justifying notion that the women and children being trafficked are willing sex workers and that buying their services may be seedy, but it isn’t criminal or horrific. It is. It is both.” – Toledo Blade Editorial

I Am Jane Doe Aims to Stop Sex Trafficking” – New York Minute Mag

Attorney General Andy Beshear, the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board, and the University of Louisville announce special screening of I AM JANE DOE in press release.

Katie Couric and Senator Rob Portman discuss I AM JANE DOE on Yahoo Global News

The Globe and Mail reports on Backpage in Canada and I AM JANE DOE

I AM JANE DOE featured as WNYC’s Documentary of the Week

“Imagine taking shelter from a downpour under a large umbrella, when an unkempt gentleman in a trench coat and no pants joins you to avail himself of the same protection. That’s the situation Google finds itself in with respect to a law that shields companies running websites from liability over material posted by others.” –Ethan Baren, Silicon Beat

“The scandal and it’s hosting of sex trafficking content has sparked some legislators into aggressive action to remove immunity for websites hosting illegal content. A Documentary Film called ‘I am Jane Doe’ tells the story of the alleged victims litigating against The film has been at the center of this controversy and at the forefront of efforts to stop sex trafficking online.” – TRUNEWS

“It is very hard for me to believe the 1996 legislators (or the First Amendment legislators for that matter) could have foreseen and intended to make it easier for children to be raped 20 times a day, as was the case with one of the victims who appeared in the film.” – John Carr

ABC News 18 covers I AM JANE DOE screening in Eau Claire, WI

Mary Mazzio featured on The Tom Barnard Podcast

“Editorial: The bipartisan war on human trafficking is a bright spot” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“What is clear is that something must be done. At the Senate hearing on Backpage in January, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) remarked, ‘Children were sold, and they simply tried to sanitize it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of evil.'” – Op-Ed, The Washington Post 

I AM JANE DOE mentioned in Washington Post article on collective action.

I AM JANE DOE mentioned in MLive article on man who pled guilty for trafficking a teenage girl on Backpage.

“I will exhort you to watch the documentary…these are underage children being trafficked openly and wantonly because the provider refuses to take them down or put in place measures like verifying age of the people hawking services online…Most of all it is about companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft that fund and abet companies like backpage citing freedom of speech and internet freedoms. There is legal and there is what is right.” – Lakshmi Iyer 

“I Am Jane Doe goes beyond just being a documentary- it is a call to action.” – “Cinema for Change: How Filmmakers Can Make A Difference With Their Films,” Film Sprites

“I Am Jane Doe raises several essential questions about the relationship between advertising, the internet, ethics, and the law…in our increasingly digital age, it’s an essential documentary.” – Kayla Cobb, Decider

“Backpage horrifies people,” says Daphne Keller, a legal expert at Stanford University. She pointed to a film about Backpage, called I Am Jane Doe, that was widely circulated on Capitol Hill and spurred legislators into action.” – Ars Technica

“Sometimes a film comes along that opens our eyes to something we may never have known about before. That’s where I am Jane Doe (2017) comes in.” – Review on Funk’s House of Geekery

“The movie is a double punch in the gut — the subject matter itself and the legal labyrinth that allows Backpage to win cases in court.” –  Bill EvilleThe Vineyard Gazette

I AM JANE DOE featured in #DirectedByWomen “Films to Awaken Awareness of Human Trafficking”

I AM JANE DOE featured on MSW Careers’ “10 More Documentaries on Netflix for Social Workers” list

“As a private company, Backpage operates freely in a digital black market for sex, a situation that was chronicled in the “I Am Jane Doe” documentary released last year. ” – DelawareOnline

“‘I Am Jane Doe’: How Mary Mazzio Documents Online Child Trafficking” – Anastasia Fedorova, Welker Media

“Now Streaming A Must See, I Am Jane Doe” – Ma Belle Vie


From @jes_chastain: “Please watch @IAmJaneDoeFilm to understand what we need to do to protect children. #iamjanedoe”

From @AmySchumer: “Call your Senator/Representative to amend #CDA230. Join me in supporting trafficking survivors. #IamJaneDoeFilm @iamjanedoefilm

From @AnnaPaquin: “The doc @IAmJaneDoeFilm blew my mind. Kudos 2 @marymazzio @jes_chastain Human trafficking must stop. WATCH THIS FILM and get ANGRY, I AM.”

From @SenRobPortman: “Powerful film that follows the story of trafficking victims and our bipartisan investigation into sex trafficking: #Backpage. @IAmJaneDoeFilm”

From Washington Post film critic @AnnHornaday: “Such an important story. See the shattering #IamJaneDoe documentary for good background.”

“I AM JANE DOE” is an incredibly important film addressing one of the greatest tragedies in our world today.  To anyone who believes sex trafficking is not happening in the US, think again.  To anyone who believes teenagers aren’t being sold via online sites, think again.  I strongly encourage anyone who wants to learn more about human and sex trafficking, and the online dangers that threaten our children today, go see I AM JANE DOE.  Human trafficking is modern day slavery.  It is a global scourge and the fastest growing crime worldwide.  The US and all our international partners must continue to education the world, wake people up to this horror, and fight like crazy to eradicate it from the earth.” – Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes

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Kubiiki Pride, mother of MA – 2. On location in St. Louis during the filming of I AM JANE DOE. (c) 2016 R. Schultz. Courtesy 50 Eggs
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